Dreams of the Disengaged

I wish it was Friday.
I wish it was home time, lunchtime, cigarette break time, anytime but work time.
I wish my boss would give me a break, cut me some slack, just leave me be.
I wish I could shut the door.
I wish I had some holidays left.
I wish I could win the lottery.
I wish I could resign, retire, run the hell away from here.
I wish the phone would stop ringing, the email would stop pinging.
I wish I didn’t have to talk to him, sit next to him, listen to him.
I wish I didn’t have to go to this meeting, this conference, this call.
I wish someone would turn down the bloody air conditioning.
I wish someone knew my name, knew something, anything about me.
I wish someone would say thank you, just once.
I wish someone would listen to me, just ocassionally.

I wish, I wish.
I wish, away.

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