About Gem

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I’m an experienced HRD and a Fellow of the CIPD. Blogging and musing on all things HR, social media and employment law. I’m all about doing good people stuff and chucking out chintz.

I am currently mixing interim work with freelance writing. I’m the co-author of the ‘Putting Social Media to Work’ book series (more here) and e-books ‘HR, A Practical Guide’ and ‘The Future of Work 2020 – People Management’. I’m currently working on a new book about candidate experience.

You can find more about the work I do at http://theworkconsultancy.com/

Follow me on Twitter where I am @HR_Gem or find me on LinkedIn at

I also write for the HR Director Magazine, Glassdoor, Good Day at Work and myHRToolkit, and have a fitness blog if that’s your sort of thing: www.allaboutfitness.org  

This blog is just for my personal thoughts; I don’t include commercial content on here or promote businesses unless I have personally worked with them. In the nicest possible way, I probably don’t want to publish your infographic.


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