10 fun (and free) things to do at #CIPDACE16

It’s nearly that time of year again. When the great and good of the HR world converge on Manchester like employees around the free fruit on wellbeing day.

If you are coming along to join in with all the fun serious learning then here are my top 10 best free bits for your conferencing pleasure!

  1. Head to the People Management drinks on Tuesday evening if you are getting there early.  There is wine. Hopefully.
  2. Check out the IIP exhibition stand. I have no idea what will be on it this year, but it’s usually a good one. And they mostly have cupcakes too.
  3. Check out DPG in the exhibition too. More often or not there is some good conference swag to be had – and usually a handy bag to carry it all in too.
  4. Get yourself some of that conference swag. It’s time to stock up those stationery cupboards people!
  5. On Wednesday night head over to Tribeca Bar in the Northern Quarter. You will find fellow blog squad member Tim Scott showing off his other talents by DJ’ing the night away.
  6. Play ‘blog squad bingo’ and aim for a selfie with the whole gang!
  7. Check out HR Unscrambled breakfast meet up on Thursday morning to discuss all things that matter to you and help shape the future of HR.
  8. Check out the free learning programme for a mahoosive 60+ sessions that are all, well, free.
  9. Network! As well as all the social stuff that will help you meet other HR types, there’s some formal opportunities as well. Start early by getting on all the social feeds in advance.
  10. Tweet. Obvs. Don’t forget the hashtag…..

See you there folks – IRL or via Twitter!


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