And what you can do for your blogsquad

My fellow blog squadder Tim Scott published his thoughts on being part of the CIPD ACE 16 blogsquad last week. He wrote about ‘what your blog squad can do for you’.

I’m going to follow up by focusing on what you can do for your blogsquad.

Conferences and events are becoming ever increasingly social events. There is always a back channel, official or otherwise.  People sharing what is being said.  Pictures. Video.  Opinions.  From the conference swag to the serious reflections.  It’s all there, on Twitter, Periscope, Instagram and here on Word Press.

Tim talked about the role of a blogsquad. We are there to share, to communicate, to curate and encourage.

But a blogsquad on its own is limited by its own network. What we need, is you.

We need you to help us spread the message. To reach as many in the profession as possible.  To share, to retweet, to engage.  To include your thinking in the mix. Especially to encourage those others in HR who are not actively very social (yet….) to find and learn from all the stuff that is shared.

So this is what you can do for your blogsquad. Help us bring the conversation to life. Help us share the learning and the thinking and even the cupcake photos.

Dive in. Be you. Share stuff.

Get involved.

See you on Twitter at #CIPDACE17

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