Time off

A just for fun blog this one.  As regular readers of my blog (by which I mean my parents) will know, I am in the process of changing jobs.  I’ve had a little time off in between, and here are a few of the things I have learnt during this period of downtime.

  1. Daytime television is either vacuous or tragic, or both.  Clearly there is an assumption by tv schedulers that if you are home in the day you have three brain cells, are a woman interested in trivial gossip / slagging off men, or enjoy laughing at the less fortunate.  I am committed  now to having some children, even if they belong to the neighbours, so that I don’t end up on a future episode of ‘Heir Hunters’ having my savings spent by some random distant relative I’ve never met.
  2. There are lots of things and places that I thought would be much faster / emptier during the day.  E.g. the gym, the supermarket.  They are not.  No one in them is in a hurry.  And lots of them wanted a nice chat.
  3. It is possible to waste spend an entire day on Twitter.  Seriously.
  4. You can never watch too many episodes of ‘Homes Under the Hammer’
  5. It does not matter how much time I have, I’m never going to get to the bottom of the ironing basket.
  6. Or finish that book on quantum theory.
  7. Having a little nap when the rest of the world is working, is one of the great, free luxuries of life.

In conclusion, I am no longer sure that I have time for a job.  What with ‘Homes Under the Hammer’, lunch, magazines, that mid afternoon snooze and a biscuit, I just can’t be sure I can fit it in………………

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