For many of the people who read my blog posts, I’m guessing social stuff is nothing new. After all, you probably need to be on twitter to see the link. But it’s easy to forget that for some in our profession and community, it’s still an unknown thing, a not too sure about this thing, maybe even a scary thing. There is certainly a packed room here at the HR Directors Summit to hear from Perry Timms about what it’s all about, and how HR people can use it to make a difference both at work, and for themselves.

So here is a quick summary of what he had to say:

I am only as good as the people I’m connected to.
The news finds me. People ask how I’ve got time to do all this social stuff. And its because it is coming straight to you wherever you are.
If you build it, they will not come. People need someone to help them take the first step.
You’ve got to practise to realise the benefits.
Find your purpose for being social.
Sometimes when you are trying to launch social in an organisation you have to hold your nerve.
Someone will ask you what the ROI is. Take an example from Seth Goddin and ask them what is the ROI is of their mum.
Within an organisation you need a backer. Make friends.
People will try and ban stuff. You need to open up the platforms. And tell them to use them wisely.
Focus on the impact. Are you quicker, leaner, more connected? It’s not about the stats, the likes, the number of followers.
A little personal stuff is fine. It all helps to create social fabric within your organisation.
You will learn as you go. And that is just fine.
Multiple channels are fine. Allow people to fall over content rather than have to search for it.

And a final slide, and definition from Perry.

social is a convenient shorthand to describe a new way people at work are being liberated and that knowledge and skills are utilised in an individual and collective level.