30 Second People Strategy

Earlier this week, I was watching the Twitter backchannel from a HR event. Several people tweeted all at once about whether it is possible to explain your people strategy in 30 seconds, presumably prompted by one of the speakers.


Now I have never been all that keen on having a People Strategy. For me, you have a business strategy, mission, vision…. People stuff is just part of that big picture.  Having a separate people strategy just feels a little too close to talking about ‘the business’….making us separate.  But maybe that’s just me being overly fussy.

What I do have of course, is a plan. A plan for those people things that we are going to do, that support and enable those big organisational goals. And to go alongside those, a set of guiding principles to keep us honest, keep us focused.  A thought process, perhaps.

So if I have a people strategy, this is it. In very much less than 30 seconds.

Do good people stuff, always.

Focus on making things more awesome, at your place.

Make peoples’ lives easier at work, wherever you can.

Chuck out your chintz (by which I mean make things simpler, get rid of unnecessary bureaucracy)

Never lose sight of how something will make people feel.

Help those people around you to be the best that they can be.

Provide the best possible employee experience that you can, within your context, with whatever resources you have.


What’s your 30 second people strategy?