CIPD MOOC. Working digitally – social media and HR

Today, the CIPD launches its first MOOC.  That’s a Massive, Open, Online Course.  If you have not come across the term before, then you might find this short video helpful.

I’m here at the launch, listening to Perry Timms (you know, the excitable one) talking about MOOCS, their place in learning today, and most importantly, this new offering from the CIPD, a course created to raise the game of the HR profession in using social and digital tools.

Four key areas of content for the learner to journey through.  It will teach you all about putting digital to work.  Digital technology and the changing world of work.  Digital tools for HR professionals. How to put this stuff to work in practice. About coping, creating, collaborating, creating.

You can enrol now. You don’t have to be a member of the CIPD to access this learning. You can do it at your pace, and create your own learning journey. Oh, and the best bit. It’s free.