172.3 Things Great Leaders Do Before Breakfast

They tell me that starting a blog with a number would get me loads of hits. So I thought I’d try it. Is the number big enough do you think? To get me lots of traffic, plenty of shares and retweets?

Because that’s what it’s all about. Isn’t it?

I’m assuming so. Because the excess of stuff like this sure as hell ain’t helping anyone do the day job.

Lists abound. How to be a great leader, how to be an authentic leader, how to be the bestest ever leader. 5 things, 5 more things, even 10 totally different things. New models new badges new bandwagons. Different definitions on a daily basis.

It’s just LinkedIn like fodder.

So tell me this. When did you last read an article like this and go out and do something different? When did you last read something of this nature and found it was truly memorable? Or did you just scan it, share it, move on to the next one?

Stop the timeline I want to get off.

The lists aren’t helping. We are not helping people. It is not changing anything, improving anything, adding to the debate.

It is time to call this stuff for what it is.

Largely twaddle.

Note, this post was sitting in drafts when Julie Drybrough published this post, which is well worth a read: http://fuchsiablueblog.wordpress.com/2014/06/10/leadership-is-dead-long-live-leadership-an-experiment/

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