The individualisation of HR


We’ve all heard of the consumerisation of IT. Well I think it is time for the individualisation of HR.

The collective, as we knew it, is over. The TU statistics tell you that. I know they went up a little last year, but it amounted to three fifths of not a lot. Young people aren’t joining unions. Existing members are approaching retirement. The future of employee voice is not the trade union, the elected representative, collective bargaining. Where there are shared views then they are more likely to coalesce around a hashtag than a collective grievance. The collective now means the wisdom of the crowd.

Now you know I am not a fan of a lot of generational nonsense, but junk surveys aside we are going to have five generations in the workplace before long. They will want different things from work, their line manager, their career. But it’s not a generational thing, it’s a time of life thing, a personal life thing.

‘People want different stuff from work shock.’

It is time to call a halt to the one stop shop. Stop treating everyone the same. Pensions, policies, holidays, benefits, hours of work, learning and development, pay reviews. People want choice, not to be lumped together with everyone else. Trying to please the majority, take the middle of the road, may just lead you to being absolutely average, mediocre.

Before I get jumped on, I’m well aware that organisations need some structure, a core approach. But let us flex the rest.

I want, what I want. Not what the person sitting next to me wants. I want choice. I want individuality. I’m not a bloody human resource; I’m a person, with my own particular desires, drivers, problems and challenges. And so is every other employee out there.

Build it and they will come does not cut it when it comes to attracting your talent, keeping your talent. The future of work, the future of talent, wants more.

Let HR lead the way. Let us treat people like the individuals that they are.