Hybrid Working: the questions every team needs to answer

There’s no single way to do hybrid working.  Each organisation, even each team within it, will need an approach that fits them and their own unique context.

The solution is not policies and procedures but co-creation.  Teams working together to determine the answer to the critical question; what does hybrid mean for us, here and now?

In order to do this, we need to encourage exploration and reflection everywhere.  To invite people managers to engage with their teams to discuss and decide. Because we know that when we create something for ourselves, we place a higher value upon it than something we are merely told to do or that is given to us.

To guide these conversations, ask them to work together to consider some or all of the following:  

When we worked from home during the pandemic, what worked well for us?  What should we retain?

What worked less well, or what should we stop when we are able to?

What aspects of our work can effectively be undertaken remotely?

What aspects of our work should we undertake in the office, together?  Where does being together add value?

In the future, what do we want to come into the office for? What will a successful day in the office look like, for us?

What aspects of our work are most effective when and where?

What technology (or skills) do individuals in the team need to work remotely?  What skills did people not gain whilst working during the pandemic that we now need to address? 

How might we need to change our working practices in order to work effectively in a hybrid way? 

How might we want to organise our work in the future? 

Are there any potential challenges for our team associated with working in a hybrid way – and how can we overcome them?

Are there working practices we need to consider in order to help people maintain their wellbeing?

Who else do we need to engage with or consult about our team’s approach to hybrid working?

How can we ensure that we work in an inclusive way, whist undertaking hybrid work?

How should we meet, and what for?  What can we do as an alternative to meetings?

How can we communicate effectively when working in a hybrid way?  How can we ensure that everyone receives the information that they need to do their job properly?

What technology do we need to work in a hybrid way?

What team rules do we need to make hybrid working, work?

Together, the answer to these questions forms the basis of a practical plan. Because hybrid working will succeed or fail in how we choose to bring it to life, every day.

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