Wellbeing Resources

There’s no shortage of wellbeing content around at the moment. My social media feeds and email inbox is full of top tips on working from home, leading remotely, staying healthy during lockdown.

It can be difficult to know just what to read, or what to ignore.  I have curated for colleagues some of the more useful and interesting articles and links I have read in the recent weeks, below.

For anyone who is in a management or leadership role or supporting people that are, last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Professor Sir Cary Cooper, President of the CIPD and expert in health and wellbeing about the role of managers in supporting wellbeing during the current time.

Please feel free to share.

Ted playlist on self-care.

From Harvard Business Review: how to avoid burnout when working from home.
From the Conversation – being a better manager when working from home.
Harvard Business Review article – That discomfort you are feeling is grief.
From the Conversation – the perils of perfectionism during lockdown

My interview with Cary Cooper on the role of managers in wellbeing is here.

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