Productivity Shaming

We are living through something that almost defies words. Each of us is experiencing it differently, with our own unique fears, perspectives, losses big and small.

There is no one way to be right now. No good or bad. Just getting through, the best way that we can.

In the last few days I’ve seen several posts on social media that fall into the category of what I’d call productivity shaming. Bragging about achievements made during lockdown. Suggestions, implied and explicit, that if you’re not making the most of this situation you’re not doing good enough. Maybe a little lazy perhaps.

I call BS.

This might not be the time to learn a language, write that book you’ve always thought about, start a new hobby. If that’s what’s getting your through, if it’s adding to your wellbeing, then of course do it.

In normal times there is evidence to suggest that learning and accomplishment contributes to overall wellbeing. But these are far from normal times.

But maybe don’t tell others that they should be doing the same. Maybe don’t suggest someone isn’t enough if they don’t take your path.

And to those managers pushing for productivity right now, expecting people to deliver like they always have, I say simply this.  Lift your head. Look around you.  Look up the word empathy in the dictionary.  The time will return to worry about metrics and measurement and performance against objectives.  That time is not today.  

We’ve all got much to cope with right now. Our normal resources may not be available to us, our challenges greater than ever.  Finding balance between the two for many, is simply impossible.  

A list of shoulds, musts, oughts and got tos on top of everything else to be faced are neither necessary or helpful.  Verging on cruel.  

Be productive. Or don’t be.

There is no shame. Just getting through.


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