Working from home – the etiquette guide

Just for fun…..

All you folks who have never worked from home before, this list is to help you with vital etiquette when engaging with others virtually in the coming weeks.

1. Do not just randomly video call people. Us regular homeworkers cannot promise we have showered / brushed hair / go dressed. Always confirm first if video will be used.
2. Do not schedule virtual meetings unless absolutely necessary at the same times as Homes Under the Hammer (10am daily, BBC1 – you’re welcome).
3. If you have an audio call and here some random noises in the background we might be cleaning our kitchen / sorting the washing out. Multi-tasking is our jam. Don’t mention this.
4. Do not comment on the home décor of the person you are video conferencing with. Commenting on their pets who come into shot is fine.
5. We might look smart from the waist up but there is no guarantee we will have proper trousers on. Don’t request anything of us that might require us to stand up.
6. If we take a few seconds to pick up your call, we are hiding the biscuit tin / frantically chewing our lunch. Don’t draw attention to this.
7. If we say our webcam isn’t working it is because we haven’t showered. All that advice that says get up and put proper clothes on? I give you three days.
8. We look better than we normally do IRL? We know where the button on Zoom is that says ‘enhance my appearance’. Yes this is a thing. Don’t mention this either.

And finally….. as we all start managing this astonishing and scary shift in all our lives, balancing work and sometimes home schooling, be good to each other.

Be well.

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