We can be heroes

My Other Half says that I only have two speeds.  Full on, or dead stop.

He is, in this and many other observations, quite right. I like to fill each minute with 60 seconds worth of distance run. I find sitting still a waste of time that could be spent doing stuff and more stuff. But just occasionally, like when I am on holiday, I stop still. I like to sit, chill, read, be. I immerse myself in books, mostly of a deeply unchallenging nature.

This last week has been spent in stop mode. Total relaxation.

Whilst doing so, I caught sight of a Twitter article referencing some senior leader or other who works 150 hour week. I didn’t read any further –  there is already too much glorification of busy to read more. What I do know, is that our brains and bodies aren’t wired for that sort of schedule no matter who we are or what we do. Get past  a number of hours each week, a number of days without rest, and we will decline in our abilities and our performance.

I’ve worked with many a leader who doesn’t know when to stop, when to recharge.  Who believe, or at least acts as if they do, that if they aren’t around the stuff won’t get done, that others won’t manage without them. At best, this is misguided. At worst, it is completely disempowering to the people around you.

We can be heroes, or we can be real.

Rest, is critical.  For some, it is a week in the sunshine. For others, perhaps a digital detox.  Maybe the recharge from time spent with family or friends.  Out. Of. Office.

Time from which we can emerge, renewed, re-energised, ready to take it all on again anew.

And that is how I feel today. Rested,  restored, ready.

Look out world.

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