Putting Social Media to Work….

Blatant self-promoting blog alert!

Last year Tim Scott and I published ‘Putting Social Media to Work, a Practical Guide’.  The book was largely focused toward those working within the Human Resources profession, and was all about how HR can get social for themselves and lead it within their own organisations.

But the more we talked to people who work in smaller organisations, or who were self-employed and independent practitioners, the more we realised that there were other folks that needed some help getting social too.  Whether it is help with professional social networking, building a social brand, connecting with others or just a simple ‘how-to’, there was clearly need for practical advice just for these readers.

So, there is a new and updated version of our book now available via Amazon. If you are wondering what social can do for your small business, how you can find the time, which social platform to use, or even just what all the jargon means, then this is the book for you.

Coming soon there will a third version too…. A practical guide (obvs) to getting social for the busy leader. Watch this space!

Kindle version

IRL version (Note. Makes excellent Christmas present for all the family.)


PS. If you were kind enough to buy our first book, then you might find you don’t need to buy this one too.  Unless you want to contribute to our swimming pool fund of course. 


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