IDGAF List. 

Recently I read ‘The life changing magic of not giving a f*ck’ by Sarah Knight. 

It recommends making a list of things that you don’t, erm give a f*ck about. Hence making you focus, stop doing these things or worrying about these things, and do something more interesting or pleasurable instead.

So I thought I would give it a go. And in no particular order, here it is. 

Hanging baskets.

Petrol prices.


The Kardashians.

The 5:2 diet. And the blood type diet. And the paleo diet. Etc.




Whether email should be banned or not.

Green tea.

Cleaning my house.


Dress codes / employee handbooks / getting people to sign HR policies [insert other organisational BS to suit]

Football generally.

Leeds United specifically. 

Data analytics.




The term ‘human capital management’ and anyone that uses it unless they do with extreme irony.

Conspiracy theories.


My Dad’s political opinions. 

The new Top Gear and whether it is any good or not.

Garden Centres.

Soap operas.

Larry Shippers.


People who complain about HR.

People who complain about their jobs / company / salary and do nothing about it.


Phone calls. Tweet me for goodness sake. What is it, 1994?

Who is going to be the next James Bond. Unless it’s like, Harry Styles. Obvs.


Being beach body ready.

Justin Bieber.

Lists on the internet. 5 things that [insert as applicable].

Anyone who thinks that Twitter is about people sharing what they had for breakfast.

What anyone thinks about how much I weigh.

What anyone thinks about my tattoos.

What anyone thinks about how much I go to the gym.


Whether anyone agrees with this list or not.


Ahhhhh…… That feels better. 

2 thoughts on “IDGAF List. 

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  2. That’s certainly a comprehensive IDGAF list! Wouldn’t you just add to that ‘political opinions of any kind, of anyone else’, The latest reality TV show twaddle and celebrity ‘news’ in general. Rants that serve no purpose (unlike this one that actually entertains) and finally – what the rest of the world thinks of me!

    Once I let go of that last one it made my life a whole lot better.

    Thank you Gemma.

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