The Alternative Policy Guide

Today, my friends at the HR Magazine held an event where you could pitch to put something in HR Room 101.  Policies featured heavily.  So, just for fun, is my alternative HR policy guide, entitled…..

Don’t be an arse at work. 

Disciplinary Policy – Don’t behave like an arse.

Social Media Policy – Don’t tweet like an arse.

Equality Policy – Don’t treat people like an arse based on who they are.

Car Policy – Don’t drive like an arse.

Data Protection Policy – Don’t behave like an arse with personal data.

Dress Code – Don’t dress like an arse at work.

Homeworking Policy – Don’t be an arse when you should be working. (Includes watching ‘Homes Under the Hammer’.)

Recruitment Policy – Don’t treat candidates like an arse.

Harassment Policy – Don’t be a total arse.

Internet Policy – Don’t go on sites that show arses.



I think it could catch on. 

Please add to the list as you see fit……..

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