Articulate your awesome

The title of this blog post was prompted by a collision of conversations. Some with friends, some at work.

And I got to thinking….. how often do we do this?

How often do we believe in our own awesomeness, how often do we shout about what makes us special and different and unique? Your very own individual contribution. With confidence and belief.

We show appreciation for our colleagues and our teams and our friends. As leaders, we know the value of building up and encouraging others. Of providing positive feedback and recognition.

But how often do we articulate our own awesome?  To ourselves and to others?  More often we spend time worrying. If we are good enough, if we belong on this course or in this job or this particular place right now.  We think about what people think about us.

Self-limiting beliefs.

Imposter syndrome.

Lack of confidence.



Constantly questioning.

Not wanting to seem arrogant or boastful.

The voice in our head that gives us doubt.


We’ve all been here, sometime or other.

But what if you just decided to park the head stuff?  Just for a moment. Right  now. And instead of focusing on the maybes and the negatives, to believe instead that you got this. Take that one moment to articulate your own awesome.  To you, to everyone else.

Just do it.


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