Shifting workplace learning….

….through social collaboration and digital tools.  

It’s Ignite time again.  This time we’ve got Sukh Pabial, Andy Lancaster and Julian Stodd. 

First up. Seven compelling reasons from Andy as to why we need to make this shift to social and digital learning. 

Work is changing fast. So we need to change learning too.  We can’t stay as we are.  But we can’t poke people with a digital stick and say learn this way, we need to help people understand why they should. It is multi generational – not just for younger folks.  Digital learning is about learning now, not waiting for a course to take place. It’s about learning in the flow of work, when and where you need it. People are figuring out how to learn and where to get stuff for themselves – many use Google as their main learning tool at work. These tools allow us to reach learners in entirely new ways. 

Practitioners need to become learning curators not content creators. Concierge model – pointing people at where they can find great learning content.  Need to embrace modern methods, social tools in particular.  But many still don’t have these skills. 

This is a massive opportunity for us. 

Now over to Sukh talking about peer based learning. How do we help people to learn in their own way in their own time at their own pace?  We are more used to command and control, NASA style. Or putting them through shit elearning. The responsibility for learning belongs to the learner. It always did, but we took it away. How do we move outside of classroom learning to do the learning that people need to do and when, with their peers, with no involvement from a practitioner?  We need to help people become invested in their own learning. It is key to experiment. We don’t know what will work unless we try it. Help your employees to understand what their skill set is and how to apply them to their working lives. His challenge to everyone – let’s move beyond what we normally do.  

Finally, Julian. Knowledge is now distributed. We have moved beyond knowledge sitting in books and with only some people.  Democratisation of knowledge. This is a huge opportunity to fuel change.  We should count ourselves lucky that we can now hear things that we don’t like as the conversation was happening anyway.  Is your organisation anchored in the past or invested in the future? If you are anchored in the past you won’t exist in five years anyway. Just look at the entertainment industry for examples. We need to instead to co-create content in communities. This is the time to experiment and play.  Create and facilitate digital communities.  People will engage if we give them things that are meaningful in that job. They are bored if we don’t engage them as individuals. We need scaffolded social learning; one where we create a series of spaces and assets that the community can use in a structured way. There’s still a structure, but also space to co-create – what is read or consumed then shared and talked through, and written into a new story together.  His challenge to the room – are you leading with technology or mindset? 

A fast, interesting session full of challenge to doing what we always do around learning. To being brave and not only recognising that our world and context is changing, but embracing it too.  Thanks to all three speakers.  

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