Reasons to go to #CIPD15

It’s going to be awesome.

I’m going.

So are this lovely lot.

15 blog squad

There will probably be cupcakes. There had better be cupcakes. It isn’t a HR conference without a cupcake.

Speakers include top folks like Tim Scott, Sukh Pabial and Inji Duducu. And some other people too probably, in addition to my friends from Twitter.  More of that here.

There is a drinks reception at the end of day one. With wine. (Behind me in the queue everyone. Please note exhibitors – will tweet for fizz).

There will be conference swag. Stock up your stationery cupboard for free!

Quality Street and Celebrations will so prevalent in the exhibition, a world shortage could ensue.

You can try and get a selfie with Peter Cheese.

There will be some jolly good learning.  Actually, thinking about it, I probably should have put this higher up the list…..

See you there HR chums!

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