Reflections #cipdnap15

Last week, I was at the CIPD Northern Area Partnership conference, blogging and tweeting, whilst listening to some inspiring speakers.

Here are some of those ideas, concepts and thought provoking moments, that have resonated for me.

From Ian Pettigrew’s session on Resilience….. Succeed in a way that is authentic to you. And oh so true… We need more compassionate truth.  Not all truth is created equal. 

A question from Sukh Pabial’s session on Positive Psychology……. When did you last feel vibrant? Sukh also introduced me to the concept of the third place.  A place just for you.  No judgement, no rules, a place from which you draw strength and positivity. Do you have a third place?  He also said this: Sometimes life is rubbish.  But it passes, or you find the strength to deal with it.

From Julie Drybrough’s workshop on The Power of Workplace Conversation, several ideas I am still reflecting on.  That within the silence before we begin to speak, anything can happen.  That the spaces in-between talking at people and the typical monologues we engage in, is where there is an opportunity for dialogue to begin.  That how some conversations hold, but others are like a leaky bucket.

From Ryan Cheyne, telling the story of Pets at Home…. How nothing about people stuff is really that complicated.  But perhaps somehow, we make it so.  Simple is just fine.

From Clive Wilson when introducing the concept of the purposeful organisation…. asking the delegates to respond with…. What is your single most powerful thought?

From David Clutterbuck…. We have put too much faith in things that have no evidence.  It is nothing more than HR Bling. 

From Perry Timms…… we are heading to a future most social. 

From Sally Roberts in a session on mindfulness……  In life there will always be waves, but we can learn to surf. 

From Stephanie Davies of Laughology….. Do you know a mood hoover? If you don’t, have you ever considered that it might be you?

From Peter Cheese….. We need to move from control to enablement.

I was reminded of the power of passion; how learning and sharing can be created by people that are committed and care about their profession.

And the final thought goes to Julie again.  Think about joy.  In the midst of change and when things feel difficult, find your joy. 

You can find a curation of more from NAP from Ian Pettigrew here, and even more reflections from Mark Gilroy from the event here.

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