HR Experience Required. 

I’m doing some work on Customer Experience.  I’m starting from the beginning.  Researching and reading. Scribbling notes and ideas as I go.  A notebook full, so far.

One of my Google searches took me to some research.  About what it is that people say about those organisations that get their customer experience oh so right, again and again.

Here’s a selection:

They are easy to do business with.

They are helpful when I have a problem.

The attitude of their people.

They personalise it.

They do what they promise.

They are quick.

The technical knowledge of their people.

They are consistent.

They are reliable.

The way they treat me.

The way they make me feel.

A straight forward list. Simplistic even.  No surprises here.

And then I thought to myself…   that sounds like a list describing what a great HR experience would feel like too, to those employees and managers on the receiving end of it.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

2 thoughts on “HR Experience Required. 

  1. The one phrase I have found myself using about some organisations where I have had great customer service is “they care, they actually care” and again that would be a great thing to be said about HR wouldn’t it.

  2. I’d add – knowing when to approach and when to leave it for now by assuming you are an adult and can ask for help if needed (but keep a weather eye out in the background too). Very different from those customer services people that ‘pounce’ when you walk through the door, ready with a ‘perfect solution’ when really you are just getting your thoughts together….

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