Where not only the birds tweet…..

This is the title of the session I’m attending by Ryan Cheyne at the HR Directors Summit.  He is HR Director for Pets at Home – number one in the best companies to work for list.  And he is talking about social media.  Sounds like my kind of session……

Here is what Ryan has to say about taking an organisation social and how it has helped move their organisation forward.

They didn’t see the opportunity to begin with. He was on LinkedIn because you kind of had to be.  He was on Facebook because his kids were but now they have gone somewhere more cool that their parents don’t hang out.

Social got on their radar when people started doing things that they shouldn’t.  Then a shop manager showed him how he was using Twitter to communicate with his team. After some initial panic about the need for a policy, Ryan had a lightbulb moment; that this could be a really powerful tool for them.

They realised that pet owners are social. 88% of pet owners post pictures of their pets on social media. 92% of people have had their pet as their phone wallpaper. 15% of people even Skype or FaceTime their pets when not at home. If customers are there then they should be too.

Pets at Home use social media to recruit. Share content about their stores and their vacancies. They are also moving more of their training online. Their vision is to have people learning socially, anywhere and any when.

Crucially, their social media policy is about what you can do rather than what you can’t. Stores are empowered to do their own social stuff with support and guidance.  Few rules. It’s not mandated, and neither is any particular platform specified.  Deal with those who misuse appropriately – but if they are then that’s not the real problem.

Social media is also part of their reward and recognition practices. She the good stuff that their employees have done openly and socially.

Ryan’s ponderings: Social is here to stay. Ignoring it is akin to denying the existence of the phone. But you don’t have to overthink it. We love a rule and a policy in HR. It can’t be controlled. Just get on with it.  Great opportunity to get your brand out there.  Powerful tool for engagement. Social is short and sharp. Different from our normal approach to internal communications. Use simple messaging.

Their latest advert was socially crowd sourced via social media. Socially engaged customers and socially engaged employees coming together.

Sounds kind of awesome to me.

And here’s the video….




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