Blogs, Blogs and More Blogs

One weekend afternoon sometime in the summer of 2013, I was sitting waiting in a queue at a car wash. I was idly scrolling through my twitter feed (because I never miss an opportunity) and I saw a tweet from David D’Souza.  He was asking who wanted to be part of a crowdsourced book of blogs. I tweeted him back and said I was in.

Fast forward a few months and Humane, Resourced was published. A book of blogs, from HR writers all over the world.  Entirely crowdsourced, with no funding at all.  No marketing, apart from the social sharing of the people involved.  And it became the number one best selling HR book on Amazon in the UK.  I was extremely proud to have been involved in a small way.

I love blogs and blogging. For me they present a special learning opportunity.  Learning because they are full of ideas, stuff that other people are doing at their place, challenge and new perspectives.  I learn from writing my own blog, from reading those of others.  Special because they are free, streaming straight to the device in your pocket.

The second volume of Humane, Resourced – This Time it’s Personnel is now available.  It presents an opportunity for HR folk. The opportunity to learn something new from people doing the job, the opportunity to have your thinking challenged.  Maybe just the opportunity for one new idea, to take back to your place.  It is also the chance to engage and connect with this truly global, connected, collaborative HR community. Again, I am chuffed to have a post included.

There are blogs on leadership, reward, diversity, change, learning and OD. It’s all about the people stuff.

If that wasn’t good enough, all the proceeds from the book go to charity.  So what are you waiting for? Download it here!  Huge credit to David, Kate and Alison, and everyone who contributed a post.  Number one here we come…..


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