You know you’ve been at a conference when…..

A just for fun blog post inspired by being at #cipdnap14

You know you’ve been at a conference when……

You’ve had biscuits. Lots and lots of biscuits.

You are flat out of business cards. All the ones you had are now languishing in glass bowls trying to win you a bottle of champagne.

Your feet ache.

You’ve eaten more Celebrations than at any other time since Christmas.

You are listening out for statements you can tweet in less than 140. Even when you are having lunch.

You’ve got a swag bag of conference stuff. Half of which you will never look at again.

You’ve talked to people you didn’t want to buy anything from, because they had cupcakes on their stand.

You have a new mug. And some pens to go with it.

Your phone battery is in the red.

There’s been coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Especially on day two….

And if it’s been a good one, you are both tired but inspired.

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