The times they are a changing

Today I’m at the HR Directors Summit in Birmingham. We are hearing about how the world in which we live is changing. Technology change. Economic change. Social change. Cultural change.

According to futurologist Graeme Codrington we are living through a period of deep structural change. We will look back at this time in the future and recognise that this was the point in which forces combined and fundamental shifts occurred.

As HR professionals this is the time to stand up and be proactive. Anticipate the future people needs of our organisations and take action. This is the new HR landscape.

There will be five forces that will shape our futures. Codrington offers us, TIDES.

Technology. More computer power today in your washing machine than NASA had to send a man to the moon. This has fundamental implications for work, organisations and the people within them.

Institutional change. The way things have always been done around here is no longer good enough. We must embrace new things and be prepared to adopt new methods. Rethink the rules, the polices and procedures.

Demography. Significant demographic change is happening right now, and will both continue and escalate in its impact. An ageing population with simultaneous high youth unemployment.

Environment and ethics. Our use (and overuse) of the planet and its natural resources is changing our world.

Shifting social values. The expectations that people have of the world around them is changing too.

So here is my take on this. Whether it looks like it or not at first glance, this is all people stuff. We can influence all of this agenda. And we must. Just like Peter Cheese said last year: there has never been a better time to be in HR than right now.

Let HR lead the way.

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