The HR unAwards 2013

A totally frivolous, just for Christmas fun, blog post. I shall most certainly now have to write something intelligent in the New Year……

I have decided that the awards industry is nonsense. Which is my way of saying I have never won one. I’m never likely to either, as even if I did something noteworthy, I wouldn’t be able to afford the table at the dinner and the trip down to London.

So, I have decided to host my very own, hrgem unAwards13. To acknowledge super awesome HR type folk everywhere.

(Disclaimer. Recipients of a hrgem award should not assume that there is any actual award of any kind. It is just this, being in the blog. There is no certificate.)

Blogger of the Year Award
A tough choice due to the amazing nature of the writing that we see in the people related blogosphere, and there is a tie this year!
The unAward goes to – Simon Heath (@SimonHeath1) and Neil Usher (@workessence). I read lots of blogs, often on the go. Whilst traveling, between meetings, walking around the office sometimes. But when I see blogs from Simon and Neil I have to sit down and savour them. Usually with a biscuit. Both write really awesomesauce work. If you haven’t read them, then you should. More please, gentlemen. Blogs here: and

Most social, social HR person of the Year Award
Goes to Perry Timms. Let’s face it; he would go to the opening of an envelope if it had the words ‘HR’ on the front. And glad we are too, as no event would be the same without his Tiggeresque bounce. As Samuel Johnson said, if you are tired of Perry Timms, you are tired of life.

International Man of Mystery Award
Who other than @HRTinker could win this award? Only the privileged few know the real man behind the face palm. We have signed in blood never to tell. But if you buy me a glass of Sauvignon Blanc at the next tweetup, I’ll let you into the secret.

Best HR Social Event Award
#ConnectingHRMcr. All three of them. Because they are the only ones I went too. But they have the best crowd.

Best Twitter Chat

#nzlead. That is all.

HR Tweep with Best Music Taste Award.
At Tim Scott HR. And he is rather a lovely chap too.

Social HR Person of the Year Award
Michael Carty of course! The man who is always in our feed when we wake up, and without whom the HR twitterverse might implode. Winner this year and every other!

Special Recognition Award
Goes to – David D’Souza. For Humane, Resourced. Which was an amazing example of crowdsourcing, the power of twitter and good people doing good stuff for free. Jolly good show.

Utterly Fabulous Award.
This one is for Julie Drybrough, or as she is known to us all (and my mom) as @Fuchsia_Blue. Because she just is, utterly fabulous and I am chuffed to call her a friend.

If you have your own HR award – feel free to put it in the comments!

Further disclaimer. Some people might read this and consider that it is just a list of my friends. Such allegations will be strongly refuted. There was a formal shortlisting process (conducted by me) followed by a panel review (comprising of me). And there is an appeals process. It is called wine for hrgem.

Happy Christmas friends and tweeps!

7 thoughts on “The HR unAwards 2013

  1. Fab, Gem!
    I do feel that you’ve missed the award I would win though for ‘HR person who never tweets about HR’… Maybe next year?!
    Loved your writing this year, long may it continue!

  2. Hi there! Could you put non-twitter links in where appropriate eg to blogs so that we can fall down the rabbit hole with you?
    thanks! Mwah 🙂

  3. I sincerely hope you’re not suggesting ‘normal’ awards are only ever given to people’s friends! That would just be an outrageous accusation!! 😉 BTW, if you did ever win one, I’m pretty sure they’d pay for your dinner, if not your train fare!

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