You say collaboration, I say conversation

I’m at the CIPD social media conference today. In itself it’s a great example of social. There are tweeters and bloggers here pushing out content. Tweets are coming up on a feed live in the room. There’s a hashtag, a tumblr curation and a scribble live (new to me I confess). You can follow the day and engage with the content without even being here.

We’ve heard talks about how social media can support collaboration. We’ve heard about the links to employee engagement. We’ve talked of how it can reflect your culture. How it can help you recruit, improve your internal communications, enable change.

Social media is and does all of these things. But at its simplest it is just a conversation.

Listening. Exchanging. Sharing.

A chat. A dialogue. A debate.

A little more conversation, if you please.

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