Candidate Experience. Just two things.

Just a little blog, this one. Because the issue isn’t complex.

I was reflecting on a recent discussion over at #NZlead about candidate experience; what makes it good, what makes it bad. What makes it important.

For me, a good candidate experience depends on just two things; honesty and communication.


You messed up the interview
You did brilliantly
Your presentation didn’t cut it
Your presentation rocked
They saw someone more suitable / with more experience / better qualified
They’ve cancelled the vacancy
You said / wore / did the wrong thing
You failed to demonstrate [insert as applicable]
You didn’t get it.
They loved you.

Just tell the truth to the candidate. Give them good feedback. Make it count.


An acknowledged application.
Information on the process, the next steps, the when and the how.
Accurate job descriptions, useful company information, how to get here and who to ask for.
Constructive feedback after the interview, whether you got it or whether you didn’t.
Keeping your promises about when and how you’ll be in touch.
Making the offer, making the rejection.

Communication. Do it well, make it honest and make it quick. Ditch the auto junk. Make it personal, human. Have genuine dialogue with your candidates.

These are the things that matter to your candidates. Just two little things, but so often we get it wrong.

Honesty and communication.

That is all.

1 thought on “Candidate Experience. Just two things.

  1. Most companies do not deem it fit to communicate to unsuccessful candidates. What they do is to insert a last line on job adverts which reads “if you do not hear from us after a particular period consider your application unsuccessful”.

    This isn’t right and sends a wrong message to candidates.

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