Being the change

I wrote a blog earlier this week, about how one individual, standing up and speaking out, can make all the difference. Can start something, all by themselves. So today, I decided to take my own advice, and start the change I wanted to see.

Like plenty of companies, the building in which I work is fairly bland, uninspiring. It’s grey. We went for the practical carpet (grey). Then we added some practical filing cabinets (also grey). And then some practical furniture (much of it, grey). It wasn’t quite 50 shades, but it wasn’t far off.

I wanted to change it. Inject some colour, some energy, some light. I wanted to make it a nicer place to come to, for everyone.

I could have got some quotes for the work. Written a business case. Requested some Cap Ex. Got the official sign off and engaged a contractor.

I could have waited for all the time that process would have taken. But I didn’t want to. I wanted it done, now. And more importantly, I would rather spend my budget on something less boring instead.

So today, I painted the office. I went off to the DIY store and got some brightly coloured paint. I roped in a dozen other willing people, and for three hours this morning we painted the communal areas in our building. Pink, purple, blue.

I put out an internal comms asking for help. I promised nothing but biscuits, and a sense of doing a good thing. A something for the common good thing. And a willing few answered the call.

For three hours we came together as a team. People that donn’t normally work closely together, came together. We played music, we sang and we laughed while we painted. After three hours of hard work, our offices are a nicer place to be.

And it felt awesome.

Be the change you want to see…
at work
at home
within yourself
as a leader
every day.

Let HR lead the way.

3 thoughts on “Being the change

  1. Great “from the heart” blog here that highlights teamwork, leadership & kindness – essential ingredients to any successful team/business. What next Gemma?

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