Have you even felt scared at work?

Scared of things changing, or staying the same.
Saying yes, or saying no.
Taking the job or staying put.
A new manager.
A new team.
A new challenge.
Standing up, or speaking out.

Leader, C-Suite, HR, everyone else.

We are all scared at work, sometimes, by something, someone, some change.

Churning stomach, sleepless nights, sweaty palms. Tension in the back of the neck.

Fear makes us quiet. Fear makes us weak. Fear makes us resist change. Fear makes us shut down.

Instead choose courage.

Stand up for what you believe in, what is right, what you want, who you are. Tell your self-limiting beliefs to fuck right off. Say yes not no. Embrace the risk, the change, the challenge. I dare you.

Choose to act.


The most important leadership competency of all?

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