Do you have a minute?


Hi Boss,

Do you have a minute?

I’m sorry, I know your time is precious.

I was going to catch you yesterday, but you were rushing to meetings, looking busy, a little stressed.

I’d have come in but your door was shut all day.

I was off sick on Monday. I hope you got my voicemail. I’m okay now, just a bug.

I just wanted to remind you my performance review is due. Sorry, I know it’s the last thing you have time for, with the things you have got on.

We had it in the diary, but it had to come out again because of that customer meeting you had.

It would be great if we could reschedule. I could do with a chat to be honest.

I’ve put together some objectives, as I know you won’t get chance. I sent them to you on email, a little while ago. Don’t worry if you haven’t had time to read them yet, with how busy you are and all. I’ll just carry on doing what I am doing, until we get a minute.

I’m sorry to chase, but you have my expenses to approve. I left them on your desk last month. It would be great if you can sign them, when you have the time.

Anyway, if you find you have a minute, just for a quick chat, I’m sat right outside your door.

Thank you.

Your Employee.

Recognise anyone?

2 thoughts on “Do you have a minute?

  1. Actually, this is a little painful to read. So many many times I’ve counseled employees in this very predicament. Frankly, I’ve been in it too, and at some point you just give up. How sad. Terrific write Gem.

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