Don’t call me ‘HR’

HR said

HR won’t let us

HR wants us to follow this process

HR will need to sign it off

HR said it will set a precedent

HR are rubbish

HR will do it

Don’t call me HR.  I’m Gem.  At home I’m ‘Daley’.  I’ve even been known to answer to ‘fatty’ (but don’t try it).  But don’t call me HR.

Don’t use the ‘HR’ department as an excuse, someone to blame, someone to deliver your bad news messages, to do any random task that doesn’t sit anywhere else in the organisation.  Don’t ask us to approve your decision in a grievance, take the flak for something you did, front your difficult project, all the time using the anonymous ‘HR’ tag.

We will support you, coach you, guide and advise.  We will be the expert, work with you to find a solution, give insight and collaborate.  We might also challenge you, ask questions, disagree with you and occasionally oppose you.

I’m here to work with you and so are the rest of the team.  Just don’t call us ‘HR’ like we are one person, have one view point, are some sort of homogenous, Stepford function.  We have names.  And only the department is called ‘HR’.


Image by @AATImage

10 thoughts on “Don’t call me ‘HR’

  1. I love this one Gem. Nothing infantizes the workplace so much and brings back the notion of Parent-Child relationships by hiding behind the false mask of “HR said so.” An excellent write.

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