Creating Space


This blog was prompted by another; ‘The Marvelousness & the Minutiae – What do you bring?’ by the fabulous Julie Drybrough (otherwise known as @fuchsia_blue).   Do read her post; there are lots of interesting reading comments and observations

My contribution lately has been all about creating space.  I’m a big believer in having a positive space in which to work.  There is plenty of evidence that supports the notion that environment has a significant impact at work.  My office is full of colour, photos, plants and things that make me think, remember and create.  I like fresh air, open doors, music and conversation.  These are the things that inspire me.

I have some funny little ways though.  I can’t handle clutter.  I find it distracting and full of negative energy.  Hanging onto things that you don’t need isn’t healthy.  So we had a clear out in the office last week.  A monster clear out.  I’m always struck by the things you put away ‘just in case’.  How often do you ever go back to these things and really need them?  We threw away all sorts of old files, meeting notes and documents that no one had reviewed in years.  They’d been put away because ‘you never know’.  The best thing about the ‘Big Tidy’?  It was a great team effort.  It was attacked with much gusto, fuelled by bacon sandwiches, and we now have a much nicer place in which to work.  Everyone played a part, decided what we would and would not keep.  It energised us.

Creating space.  It starts with the physical.  Clear out your crap.  Dump the junk.  Because when you clear your physical space, it gives you the time and freedom for mental space, for thought and creativity, unhindered by history, paper piles and dusty files.  Without archives of ‘how we used to do it around here’ you can unlearn, find freedom and new ideas.

Dare to dump.  Because space equals calm.

space 2

4 thoughts on “Creating Space

  1. Hi Gem. Good post today & I fondly remember the ‘big tidy’!! My wife is desperate for me to do that at home 😉

    I wonder whether we need to take the metaphor across to our emotional life too. What and or how much do we store there for another day. Hmmmm new post starting there for me I think.

    Thanks again for a great post and have a good day.

    • I do apply these rules at home too – as Mr R can testify!
      I agree the same can apply emotionally. Storing old stuff you don’t need is very similar to looking back, having regrets, wishing you could re-write a little bit of your history. As they saying goes ‘don’t look back, you are not going that way’.
      Thanks for the feedback, have a good day too.

  2. I love a tidy up, we recently moved offices and as a team got rid of so much junk, it felt really good. The best thing is that we have committed to once a year to have a big clean out day. The only problem is it doesn’t solve the messy office colleague problem, you all know who you are :)!

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